Lake Simcoe’s Ice Tournament of Champions 2019

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Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada



Lake Simcoe’s Ice Tournament of Champions 2019

Jan 18 to February 23 2019

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Tickets go on sale Saturday, November 24th.
Early ticket purchases are $100.00 for all 5 weeks until December 31st, after that $125.00.
Weekly tickets are $25 each. Tickets must be purchased by Thursday the week before you plan on fishing. Each week starts on Friday.

Weekly prize packages are valued at:
1st place, $200.00
2nd place $100.00
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place of Perch and White Fish get entered into the final TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

Prizes will grow as ticket sales do. It’s a minimum cash prize. Ticket sales go back into the prizes and cash awarded 100%.

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All contestants must fish within the regulations of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act

All contestants require a valid Ontario Fishing Licence if you are between the ages of 18-64 years of age. For more information visit the
Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary at


All 5 weeks, January 18, 2019 – February 21, 2019.

Early bird (until december 31 2018) $100.00
After decmeber 31, to january 17, $125.00

After january 17 tickets will be sold only on a per week basis, at $25.00 per week
Family Tickets Per Week, $80.00

Tickets will be sold at:
True North Fishing Outfitters, located at 5417 younge st, Gilford Ont.
and during the Canadian ice fishing expo at the barrie molson centre december 8-9 2018

Early Bird tickets will be sold until december 31/2018.



All Participants will be required to sign a waiver at the time of ticket purchase.

Participants under the age of 18, will require a parent or legal guardian present at time of tickets purchase and the parent or guardian must sign the participant waiver.

Family tickets will be available only on a weekly basis, for a group of 2 adults and 2 children (immediate family) 15 years of age or younger, tickets for additional children will be regular ticket sale price, all family members must be named on the participant waiver.

Only fish caught after payment of contestant registration fee, while legally angling within Lake Simcoe will be eligible for prizes.

This event will begin on Friday January 18, 2019, it will run as a weekly Derby for 5 weeks, and the weekly Derby Will End Thursday February 21, 2019.

Each Friday will Start a new week, thursday being the last day to enter your fish for the week

there will be two entry categories, open to any eligible ticket holder.

1 Biggest white fish, and 1 Biggest Perch, The top 5 of each category Per week, will win admission into the Tournament of champions on Saturday february 23, 2019.

the Heaviest of each category weekly Will also win a prize package, (value yet to be determined)
The Heaviest overall fish in each catergory over 5 weeks will also win a cash prize of 150.00 (subject to change)

the entries will be weighed and measured, in case of same weight, the length will win, in case of both being the same the earliest fish entered will win.

A participant can only win One entry into the tournament of champions, a participant can upgrade their entry weight from a previous week, their previous weight will be removed, and other entries will be bumped up.

Weigh stations will be operated on the ice, follow This Link for more info about the locations and operating times for on ice weigh stations.

True North Fishing Outfitters, will be the main weigh station and you will be able to take your entries there, there will also be a weekly and overall leader board posted the store.

Frozen Fish will not be entered, we ask you do not bring live fish to the store, but if at all possible try to bring live fish to the ON ICE WEIGH STATIONS, Fish that have been damaged altered or decomposing will not be entered.

This is not a Live release Derby, the Organizers reserve the right to examine any entries.

Fish may be entered only once. A fin will be clipped upon being weighed as proof of Entry

Cash Prizes awarded to the Top White Fish and Top Perch over the 5 weeks.

Tournament Of Champions

Will Be Held Saturday February 23, Weather pending.

It will run from 90:00 am to 3:00 pm.
A tent will be setup on ice for the purpose of this tournament and will be open for sign in at 7:30 am.
All participants must sign into the On Ice Tournament Tent no later than 8:30 am, participants not signed in by 8:30 will be disqualified.

Tournament Of Champions Participants will be required to Fish alone with the exception of youth, under 18 years of age, a parent or gaurdian must be present, can auger the holes, but cannot use any other equipment to help them fish.

a “cooler” check may be required before blast off at 9:00 am.


You may weigh your entries at any time of the day,

Species will be both Perch and White Fish combined.

Winnings will be based on the total weight of your daily legal catch limit of white fish, and up to 20 perch combined, You may enter weights for both perch and white fish to make a combined overall weight. you can catch and enter both together.

You Must be in line to or have already entered your catches by 2:30 pm or you will be disqualified

Prizes will be paid 1st through to 3rd place, but is subject to change. Cash and prizes will be paid out from ticket sales 100%. Guaranteed payout is minimum payout.

1st place, $2500.00 2nd place, $1500.00 3rd place, $750.00 (subject to change of a greater value)

All Prizes Will be handed out at the Awards Dinner to be held at the ( LEGION ) doors at 4:00 pm awards at 5:30

There will be a raffle for prizes at the awards dinner, any income gained will be donated to a local charity

Cash Prizes will be Awarded By Cheque.

Each Winning participant that is not able to receive their award on february 23 2019, Will be notified By Ron Sheppard of their prize and how to claim it. ALL prizes must be Claimed and cashed by June 1 2019, or their prize will be forefeited.

Any Winning Participant under the age of 18, need a parent or gaurdian present to except any prizes, their prizes will be forwarded to the parent or guardian…..

All Qualifying entrants may be subject to a polygraph Test.

The Fish you enter into the tournament, may not be a fish caught by another person/angler.

(It Is Advisable to only Buddy fish with others that also hold a Valid Ticket)

Tournament Of Champions Reserves the Right to deny entry and or disqualify and revoke their registration, to anyone has been known to cheat in previous events, anyone caught cheating will be disqualified without refund of entry fee.

All decisions by tournament officials are final. Disputing staff decisions may result in the immediate
disqualification of any fish and contestant from the Derby.

If any winner is disputed, A fee of 100 dollars will be required to file a complaint, returned if the dispute is found to be truthful. Tournament of Champions Officials will investigate to determine if the prize-winning fish was caught under the rules of the Tournament. Findings of the investigation are final and may determine the winner.

Tournament of Champions reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Tournament at any time due to poor ice conditions on the surface of the lake or other unforeseen conditions. In the unlikely event that the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS is cancelled on or before saturday february 23, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. All Prizes will be awarded by a draw.
If needed each week 10 entries will be drawn, for a maximum of 50 entries, to determine a winner on february 23 2019

Staff of True North Fishing Outfitters, and Tournament Of Champions officials, Derby sponsors, organizers, and their agents are Prohibited from participating in this event.

True North Fishing Outfitters and its staff, Tournament of Champions Officials, Derby sponsors, organizers, and their agents will not be liable for the loss of property or for injury to any contestants or spectators.



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