Nipawin Pike Festival 2017

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Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Cost: $5.00 per person
  • 306-862-5302


Nipawin Pike Festival 2017 $123,000 in CASH and PRIZES


Start and End Date: Jun 18 2017 – Sep 30 2017

Derby Facebook Page


All season long Fishing Derby

Location: Tobin and Codette Lakes.

$5.00 per person

Before you dip your fishing line in the water, make sure you and your family are each registered in the

Nipawin Pike Festival!

We release 40 tagged Northern Pike into the Nipawin waterway each spring, hundreds still remain in Tobin and Codette Lakes. We extend the invitation to you and your group to find them and recover the tags for a chance to win prizes while fishing the Nipawin / Tobin Lake waterway!

2014 year and any previous year tag is worth $100.00. Outfitters award immediately. Current year tags do not receive any cash until after the Pike Festival is complete, they may have the winning tag and win one of our 13 Major Prizes.

1st Prize: Thomas Motors Legend Pontoon Boat Package
2nd Prize: Guaranteed Thomas Motors Polaris Sportsman 400 4×4
3rd Prize: Thomas Motors Honda Generator/Suzuki with a 4-stroke 4hp motor.
4th Prize: $5000.00 Cash

The Pike Festival also has a $5000.00 fishing trip courtesy of Nipawin Vision Centre and $1000.00 vouchers from Fairburn Tire, Murray Dunn GM, Par a mart Esso, Husky Food Store, Harold’s Sports, MacSwaney’s Cabins, Pinecrest Rona and OK Tire.

Anglers who catch current year tags can contact participating outfitters for information on how to redeem their tag. They instantly receive a tackle box from Farm World.

Removing the tag is easy, just clip the tag off to remove it.  Tags can only be brought in between Fathers Day and September 30th. Tags caught outside of this period are not eligible.




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