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Stoco Lake Black Crappie Tournament 2019

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Stoco Lake, Tweed, Ontario, Canada



Stoco Lake Black Crappie Tournament 2019

Time to gear up your boat and your fishing poles and register for the Second Annual Black Crappie Fishing Tournament, on Stoco Lake, in Tweed, Ontario.

Municipality of Tweed will be hosting a Black Crappie Fishing tournament. Stoco Lake is renowned for phenomenal Black Crappie fishing. This one day live release tournament is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy spring fishing in the Municipality of Tweed’s backyard! The cost of the tournament is $50 per angler with a maximum of 50 teams with cash prizes for the top three teams. To sign up for the event visit www.tweed.ca or email rhardesty@tweed.ca.

Stoco Lake, Tweed, Ontario, Canada

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A Live Release Event

2018 Rules & Regulations

1. Registrants must have a valid fishing license.
2. All boats must have working live wells or coolers with aerators.
3. Anglers without a live well or cooler with aerator will be eliminated.
4. Minimum of 2 anglers per boat.
5. Teams of 2-3 anglers. Maximum 50 Teams.
6. All occupants on a boat that are fishing must be registered entrants.
7. All fish must be legally hooked on legal tackle. Any evidence of net, gaff or snag marks will
immediately disqualify that fish from competition.
8. A total of 10 fish can be weighed per team. The total weight of all 10 fish will determine the winner.
9. All fish weighed must be over 8 inches in length.
11. All fish weighed in must be alive and active without having any struggles being released. Any fish
that is not will not be weighed.
13. Only the fish species being fished for (Black Crappie) shall be retained.
14. In case there is a tie weight, the first winner shall be determined by the earlier time of weigh-in.
15. Decision of the tournament officials is final.
16. Check-In and Weigh-In will be at the Municipality of Tweed Boat Launch.
17. Check-In begins at 6:30 am. All registrants must check-in with tournament officials.
18. Blast off will begin at 8:00 am. You will be given a number at the time of registration. First Come
First Serve. This number will determine the order of blast off for your team.
19. Weigh-In will commence at 12:00 pm and ends at 2:00 pm.
20. Last weigh-in 2:00 pm. Late entries will be penalized 1/2 lb per minute.
21. Live and artificial bait may be used.
22. No fishing is allowed within 25 feet of another tournament boat without mutual consent.
23. The Municipality of Tweed will not be held liable for injury to any person and will not be responsible
for any loss of property. Contestants compete in this event at their own risk.
24. Proof of valid insurance must be carried in the boat at all times and may be requested by the
Tournament Official at any time.
25. MNR Rules & Regulations Must Be Followed.  Zone 18 Regulations
26. Registrants agree to abide by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Game and Fish Act and

Regulations, the Small Vessel Regulations and the Rules and Regulations of the Stoco Lake Black Crappie
27. Tournament officials have the discrepancy to decline any angler from entering the tournament.
28. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be consumed or in possession of any registrant during the
29. If ice or flooding is a concern for the date of the tournament, the tournament officials will re-
scheduled. Entry fees will not be refunded unless the tournament is cancelled.
30. Regulations are subject to change.

For Additional Information please use the Contact page.

For Additional Information Contact: Rachelle Hardesty
Municipality of Tweed, 255 Metcalf St., Tweed, ON, K0K 3J0.
613-478-2535. rhardesty@tweed.ca.

AvatarSteve Sands

March 5, 2017

My wife and I are First Nations and do not require a fishing licence. Are we still able to participate in the tournament? I see in the rules it states you need a valid fishing license.
Can you let’s us know we would very much like to participate in this event
Thank you


March 6, 2017

Hello Steve,
I have contacted the derby and this is what they told me.

“As long as you have proof that you are First Nations that is valid.
We would love to see them participate. There is only one spot left.


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