Watabeag Laker Ice Fishing Derby 2019

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Watabeag Lake, Timiskaming, West Part, Ontario, Canada



Watabeag Laker Ice Fishing Derby 2019

Watabeag Lake, Timiskaming, West Part, Ontario, Canada

Fishing for Lake Trout

8:00am to 4:00pm

Entry:  $10 entry fee for all persons.

 All entries can be paid at weigh in stations and or with a derby official

who will be around throughout the day.

To register for this derby or more info please visit the derby website



Contact us:

705-562-0079 or email us at






Adults: Money collected from entrants will be put in the pot, the person whom enters the biggest fish at the end of the day takes the pot.  Last years winner took home over $1,700.00  Not bad for a days work.

Note: all other prizes are completed via draw prize so please don’t lose your registration ticket

Children: all children are welcomed to join the derby.  There will be no charge for children under the age of 12.  Please register your children under the age of 12 for a prize package that will be given to each participating child.  Children under the age of 12 will not be eligible for the cash prize for biggest fish.   All children over 12 will be entered into the derby as an adult and regular rules apply.

Note: If you do have a child under 12 who wishes to be entered into the derby for the cash prize this is permitted however the $10 entry will be applied.

Prizes at 4:30PM out front of the Dambrowitz cottage on the east side of the Long Lake.   Click the following link for a map of Watabeag Lake and the Derby stations. http://watabeaglaker.com/map-of-the-lake-and-derby-stations/.

Fish check in’s will be at the designated weigh in areas both on the big lake and the long lake.     Prizes will be handed out in front of the Dambrowitz’s cottage.

Anyone interested in donating prizes and or sponsoring please contact us through the registrations page.  The “Watabeaglaker Ice Fishing Derby” is a fun derby.  100% of entry fees are collected in the pot and the largest fish caught wins all entries.  All other prizes are collected through our sponsors and donations from local business.


Rules and Regulations:

  1. Have fun
  2. Bring your own cider mug
  3. Obey all fishing regulations
  4. Must be willing to brag
  5. Largest fish will be determined by weight on electronic scale
  6. Final weigh in will be at 4PM sharp.
  7. Only lake trout will be accepted
  8. All entries can be paid at the awards at the end of the day however we ask that you register before the start of the tournament.
  9. All provincial fishing regulations are to be followed

Note:  The Annual Watabeag Laker is a privately hosted tournament.  The WWCA and or any of its affiliates are not responsible for any of the tournament events and or liability of such.

All participants of the tournament enter at their own risk.

Catch and release is promoted for this tournament.  To try and aid in the catch and release, tournament officials will make their way around the lake to advise of the current leading weight.  All participants who can prove catch and release (photo with a date or via a tournament official) will be entered into a secondary draw for a conservation prize.  Catch and release is not mandatory for this tournament however is encouraged to ensure lake conservation.




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