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Bait-2-Go Inc. is a small company located near Sudbury Ontario.

Bait2Go was filmed for an episode on Dragon’s Den! and it is being sold at Home Hardware

We fabricated this product so that all anglers (kids, adults, seniors) could further enjoy the outdoors by adding convenience to their fishing experience!

Bait-2-Go is a patented product! Designed and originally fabricated in Northern Ontario Canada!


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Interested in becoming a distributor, placing a bulk order or need custom logos? email or call 705-561-1406



It’s greatest assets is its portability and versatility! We can use practically any type of bait in Bait2Go as well as the ability to mount it or affix it anywhere.

In Ontario and Quebec, it is extremely popular for leeches, worms, meal worms, wax worms, minnows, spawn bags, and maggots. Spawn bag use in Bait2Go is particularly useful when Bait2Go is threaded on your hip belt when fishing the shore line or rivers for trout or salmon while knee deep in the water with waders.

Dead or live bait can be used in Bait2Go! Some people in Quebec use dead preserved minnows in Bait2Go. The positive feedback is that they add ice to Bait2Go, and at hot temperatures, it keeps their dead bait fresh. Also, when used with leeches, you don’t have to put your hand in a bag full of leeches in order to rebate your hook. With Bait2Go, you simply lift the porous basket and it is very easy to pick 1 leech at a time quickly. Ice can easily be added to Bait2Go with many types of bait. Many will add ice below the perforated basket and this will keep their worms (or other bait) fresh for a very long time. When it is melted, simply remove the bottom lid and the water flows out. Very easy to clean. When ice is used with minnows, as the ice melts, it gives off oxygen and keep minnows fresh for much longer.

In the northern USA, it’s use would be similar. In the southern part of USA and along all coast lines (Canada, Maritime and USA, and other parts of the world), it is used with live shrimp (for Redfish “fishing the flats”) or it can be used with squid chunks (deep sea fishing). I’ve even seen some people use crickets and frogs in Bait2Go. I have received feedback from certain parts of the USA and it appears that Bait2Go would be an excellent addition for Crappie and catfish fishing!

The applications are endless. …used on boats, pontoon boats, seadoo, kayak, canoe, seaplane, etc….
Many lodge owners sell Bait2Go in their gift shops or near the area where they sell bait. It is an easy sell. We also do alot of custom labeling for lodges, car dealerships, mines, golf course tournaments, dentists…..any business!

It is a great gift! (ex: 50 units private label = $20.99 per unit)




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